Mike Virdi

Innovative . Disruptive . Revolutionary


About Mike:

Mike Virdi is passionate about innovating solutions for the masses.

In his 20 year career he has proven to be disruptive in many industries.

Nightlife – Finance – Restaurants – Logistics – Marketing – Non Profit.


Name: Mike Virdi
Location: New York City

Mike is an expert in Global Marketing & Brand Innovation.

He has built businesses from scratch and re-positioned them for growth & scalability.

He is now on a mission to revolutionize the Music Industry!


The greatest challenges can become the biggest opportunities..

2015 Founded a technology solution for mass transit

  • Challenge: Develop a smarter way to commute
  • Solution: Create routes for commuters that live & work near each other
  • Outcome: NO Lines… NO Transfers… NO Stress!

Media Coverage:

2010 – Transformed underperforming franchises into award-winning locations

  • Challenge: Prevent stores from closing
  • Solution: Inventory analysis, marketing techniques & customer service
  • Outcome: Lowered costs by 30% and increased revenue by 100%

2005 – Developed a disciplined investment strategy for private wealth

  • Challenge: Lower risk and improve ROI
  • Solution: Analyze companies with increasing quarterly estimates
  • Outcome: Lowered transactions and averaged 18% annual returns

2000 – Managed multilevel nightclubs

  • Challenge: Fill 30,000 square feet of event space several times a week.
  • Solution: Cultural shows, college afterparties and corporate events
  • Outcome: Generated $80k+ in weekly revenue
Mike’s client experience spans the globe, and he’s delivered successful projects to each and every one.

Worldwide Recognition. Established Relations. Continued Success.


Client Testimonials:

Mike has a unique ability to go into any industry and find a better way of doing things.
K. Trivedi

I was paying commissions on every trade until Mike showed me a smarter way with higher returns.
A. Mehta

We call him the ‘commuter hero’ for turning our miserable commute into a stress-free travel!
D. Smith

Mike’s passion for innovation and helping others is refreshing and impressive.
C. Wong

Mike saved my ten-year-old business from closing and helped me double my sales in just a few months.
M. Patel

It would take over a dozen promoters on average to fill my venue until Mike came in and did it alone!
R. Ricardo

Mike's Humanitarian Efforts

Transforming the Slums Into Sustainable Communities, changing the lives of millions through programs that promote energy efficiency, economic empowerment and a commitment to improve quality of life.
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